Today is National Bow Tie Day


Wearing a bow tie is a way of broadcasting an aggressive lack of concern for what other people think. 

– Warren St John, New York Times


August the 28th is National Bow Tie Day!  If you’re a fan of fashion, why not change things up a bit and wear a bow tie to celebrate this occasion!

The original bow tie was first seen among Croatian mercenaries during the Thirty Years’ War of the 17th century: the Croat mercenaries used a scarf around the neck to hold together the opening of their shirts.  This was soon adopted by the French upper class as the cravat.  Over the years, the cravat has evolved into the now traditional bow tie. 

Not sure how to celebrate?  

Step 1 – Get a Bow Tie

First shop our 24 hour Flash Sale on select bow ties today.  Whether you prefer the traditional self-tie bow tie, wood bow tie, cork or feather bow tie; Our unique bow ties  will set you apart from day to evening occasions, informal or formal events. Wearing a LUX Bow Tie is an original style statement!

Carved gear wood bow tie

Rocket Man (set)


Step 2 – Learn how to tie a bow tie

Learning to tie a self-tie bow tie can be tricky.  Like riding a bike, once you learn how, it will become second-nature.   Check out this straight forward video below for tips. 


Step 3 – Take it to the next level

Traditionally, bow ties are often worn with suits by those trying to convey a more dressed-up, formal image, whether in business or social venue.  Today, throw out all the rules and rock your bow tie to class, the grocery store, or relaxing at home!  Wear your bow tie everywhere for everyone to see.  If you are on Instagram, be sure to follow @luxbowties and use the hashtag #freebowtie to enter a chance to win a bow tie