Stand out with quality handcrafted Bow Ties

Our handcrafted bow ties are all hand made from beautifully sustainable wood, feathers and fabrics. They are designed by fashion designers to make a true statement for your wardrobe. We love finding the most beautiful and unique materials, reducing waste while creating the most fashionable and original LUX Bow Ties.

Each of our bow ties are handcrafted, sometimes leading to bow ties that looked slightly different to each other. Each one is unique due to the handmade nature. We don’t believe in mass produced bow ties.

Handcrafted feather bow ties

If you are spending a significant amount of money on a bow tie, then you will want one that is well made and will last for a long time. Handmade bow ties are made with better materials and with better quality control.

Each tie is individually made by a person, which costs more, but leads to higher quality products and detailed craftsmanship.

Order a handmade LUX Bow Tie today, and never look back again to mass produced cheap bowties.

All of our bowties have the following advantages:

1. They are 100 % handmade for the best quality possible, which lets us have each production stage under control.

2. Thanks to using only premium quality materials, we give you full guarantee that our bow ties will last you for a very long time.

3. We have a large amount of styles to choose between, that goes with different outfit and accessories: for both official meetings or for casual settings.

4. Your bow tie will be shipped in a nice gift box, that will keep your accessory protected and ready to be given away as a gift.

5. We offer the best value for handcrafted bow ties, no compromises, great quality and great prices.

Browse through all our designer bow ties and find your bow tie style today!